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Hammond Electric Motors
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Motor rewinding
Hammond Electric Motors, Inc. Services
Complete machine shop
Motor load testing
At Hammond Electric all our winding and repair work takes place in a heated and air conditioned shop with the latest in computer controlled equipment. Every motor we repair is core loss tested, surge tested, hipot tested, megger, and micro ohm test to insure that it will function flawlessly for you.  We use only class H insulation, lead wire, varnish and magnet wire in rewinds.  Coils are made on our  computer controlled automated winding machine to insure uniformity in our windings.  We use a computer control thermal decay oven (set at 725 degree F) to remove the varnish from your stator before winding in order to prevent core damage to your core iron.  After stripping we then check the core iron to make sure that your motor has not be compromised.  After winding the motor it is again micro ohm tested, surge and hipoted to make sure it will function properly.
Hammond Electric is able to repair everything from your largest motor to smallest motor that you use.  With a 5 ton crane and a 6 x 5 x 8 bake oven we can repair up 1500 Hp motors, but we are efficient enough to repair down to 5 Hp standard motors for some of our customers.  We believe if you can repair any motor you are helping prevent pollution and keeping jobs here in North Carolina. Here is a list of some of the services that we offer:
​Our machine shop department consists of three lathes, a vertical milling machine, a 50 ton straightening press, 60 ton hydraulic press, 4" spindle horizontal boring mill, a mig welder, a tip  welder, both  hot and cold metalizing torches, vertical metal band saw, horizontal bad saw,  and two full time machinists.
One our newest additions at Hammond Electric is are AW I-600 dynamometer and a 800 amp test panel that gives us  the ability of testing up to a 600 Hp motor in house.
On-site services
Dynamic Balancing
At Hammond Electric Motors we offer many onsite services from onsite bearing changes to laser alignment as well as VFD setup and motor preventative maintenance .
​At Hammond Electric Motors we are equipped with 1500 lb computerized dynamic balancing machine that is capable of two plane and single plane balancing.  Which allows us to balance anything from rotors and pulleys, to larger blower wheels.
​Servo motor repair
Our servo motor department is capable of repairing most of most popular brands of servo motors.  We use  a Mitchell Electronics TI-5000 and a Pico scope four channel differential oscilloscope to test and set feedback devices